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Best Makeup for Work, School, Everyday

Makeup for teenagers: choosing the first cosmetics

When choosing cosmetics for teenagers, focus on the one that will carefully care for the skin of the face. Consider a must-have in a schoolgirl's makeup bag:
light shadows;
loose blush;
pink lip gloss;
A competent selection of cosmetics will help to make an inconspicuous make-up for a young beauty to school, but you need to use it in moderation.

What not to do in makeup for teens

The use of cosmetics with a glossy effect. Shadows or lip gloss with bright and large sparkles are unacceptable.

Applying a ton of foundation or powder. For young skin, this can be a big problem. These funds should be used minimally or completely avoided.

Abuse of shadows of dark and gray shades. This visually ages the schoolgirl and makes her appearance rather repulsive and unattractive.

Imitation of elders. Often girls take an example from mothers or older sisters. Their make-up is probably not suitable for a high school student.

Overly painted eyebrows. This mistake is common in teenagers. Natural eyebrows, lightly tinted with brown shadows, will look more natural.
False or extended eyelashes. They look unnatural and age a teenager.
Bright lipstick.

Video Eman. The Best Makeup for Work, School, Everyday

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