How to look elegance always A sign of elegance

 How to look elegance always  

Elegance - This is the cut of clothes, and the style of the wardrobe, and the manner of behavior. And yet - a special state of mind.
Elegance is charming. Always attracts attention. She is always remembered.
At the same time, not everyone manages to look elegant, and this is not a question of big money. Elegance does not depend on the degree of ideality of the figure, on the cost and even on the style of clothing.
We will tell you a few rules, following which, you will always be an elegant lady.


No matter how refined and noble you are, people will still judge you by your appearance. It so happened that people want to communicate with neat and stylishly dressed people, and if you come to a meeting in a faded dress, then there may not be anyone who wants to appreciate your rich inner world.
Therefore, it is not enough to dress stylishly, fashionably and beautifully, it is necessary that your clothes are always ironed so that there are no stains, spools, protruding threads, seams, scuffs and burnt areas of fabric on them. To say that clothes should fit you well, fit your size, I think, is not worth it at all. Exactly as you should not be reminded that in addition to clothes and shoes, your entire appearance should be impeccable: skin condition, manicure, pedicure, makeup.


An elegant girl always intuitively feels where and how to dress. She knows that clothes for the office and for an important business meeting are completely different things. She understands that it is impossible to come to work in a mini, just like going to a trendy nightclub in a strict business suit.
Feeling exactly how to dress in a given situation is a sign of an elegant woman. Dressing very chic to meet ordinary people who cannot afford it is also unacceptable. An elegant woman in this case will dress modestly, but with taste, without chic, gloss and expensive details.
In addition, elegant women never allow themselves to dress out of age. A young girl in a grandmother's coat will look as ridiculous as an older woman wearing a miniskirt. Therefore, you should not be too young, or vice versa, add years to yourself with the help of clothes - you still won’t achieve what you want, but you will cause surprise among those around you.


Full closets that don't close against overflowing clothes aren't always a good thing. If they are filled with a stylish fashion wardrobe, then this is still all right. But when, with a full wardrobe, its owner every day does not know what to wear, then appropriate measures must already be taken. Make it a rule to regularly clean your closet, during which you will sort out your things and throw out those that are already out of fashion, that no longer fit you, that you don’t like it, or that have come into inappropriate shape and cannot be repaired.

If the thing is expensive, but a hole or a hard-to-remove stain has appeared on it, then give this thing for repair or dry cleaning. Always make sure that the heels are not knocked off on your shoes, and if the socks of the shoes turn out to be combed, then buy new shoes for yourself in time, because it is these little things that spoil the whole appearance, and it will be difficult to call you an elegant woman.
In addition, you should always check the sewn buttons for strength, so that later you do not look for them where they came off. If you wear clothes decorated with rhinestones, beads, sequins or decorative stones, then make sure that they are not lost, otherwise a half-present application of rhinestones is a pitiful sight. The same can be said about half-blown embroidery.


It is almost impossible to look elegant in very bright clothes. Therefore, give preference to basic colors and their shades, calm colors, muted tones. If you want to look interesting, then choose interesting shades of familiar colors. And never wear more than three colors at the same time (this applies not only to clothes, but also to shoes, accessories, and jewelry).
Also remember that not everyone can successfully wear a completely black look, therefore it is better to dilute your clothes with some other color. The same applies to white, especially when an older woman wears it. For women over 40, it is better to choose not a pure white color, but, for example, ivory, cream, light beige, milky.


Even a very expensive and beautiful dress in combination with chic shoes will look somehow wrong if you do not complete the look with the right accessories. An elegant wide-brimmed hat, long gloves, a beautiful stole, a stylish scarf - these things will add a "zest" to your image, make you unique and recognizable in the crowd. After all, the main principle of an elegant woman is to dress like everyone else, but with an individual approach and unique details.

Buy high-quality and expensive accessories, and then no one will replace you with a simpler and more inexpensive dress.

Natural soft makeup - A sign of elegance

An elegant girl will not be painted very brightly. Ideally, you should look like you have minimal makeup on. Natural makeup should complement perfectly smooth and beautiful skin of the face, neck, décolleté, beautiful manicure and pedicure.

Follow the rules of etiquette

An elegant girl should know by heart all the rules of etiquette and everywhere and with everyone impeccably observe them. She will not be taken by surprise in a prestigious restaurant by laying several different cutlery on the table at once. She knows how to properly greet people of different status and gender, and will not kiss her business partners on the cheek.

Elegant girls have good manners and are always happy to demonstrate them. And even when at home alone with herself, a true lady will not put her hands on the dining table while eating, stir tea loudly with a spoon, slurp while eating.  

 Treat people kindly and politely

Those who think that well-dressed women getting out of expensive cars should carry themselves proudly and pompously are mistaken. Elegance is the ability to be polite and friendly with everyone, even those who are much lower in status and wealth. Saying hello to cleaners and janitors while holding the position of director of a large company is a sign of true elegance. And arrogance and overestimated self-esteem, demonstrated where necessary and where it is not necessary, speaks of insufficient education for a woman.


Why do you think many people want to communicate with elegant women? No, not because being friends with them is a privilege and a sign of good connections. In fact, real elegant women always listen to their interlocutor, they participate in the conversation, try to understand what they are told about, remember what they are told about, show participation in the problems of others.

If you learn to notice the subtleties in a conversation, for example, remember the date of birth of the daughter of a business partner who accidentally mentioned her in your informal conversation, and then congratulate him on the birthday girl over time, you will see how his opinion of you will change. People who do not just listen and pass everything on deaf ears, but remember and analyze, are very appreciated in society, and in any.

That is why an elegant woman will never invite her colleague to a cat show if he once accidentally admitted to her that he was allergic to cat hair. An elegant woman will never praise her children in front of a woman who has long dreamed of them, but has certain health problems and cannot conceive. An elegant woman will not advise low-income people where it is better to buy expensive jewelry, will not give them recommendations on choosing quality delicacies, etc. Always be tactful with everyone and you will see how highly people will appreciate you, and how well they will speak of you.

Elegant girls have a good education, they are well-read and erudite. The ability to support any conversation, knowledge in various fields, a subtle sense of humor, the ability to correctly joke and tell interesting facts about everything - this is what distinguishes an elegant girl from an ordinary one.

In addition, while talking with others, you should not actively gesticulate and show violent facial expressions - you are not performing in the theater, and therefore you must be restrained. It is not necessary to sort things out loudly in public, solve problems with the help of threats and manipulation, use foul language and laugh out loud with your mouth open.

Not everyone is born noble ladies, elegant by nature, but absolutely everyone can learn to be elegant. Remember this and strive for excellence!

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