What is sports massage for?

 Why athletes need massage

Massage athletes need no less than the training itself. This is a great tandem to reach new heights in the world of sports.

Sports massage is a universal tool for working with muscles and the body as a whole. It is used in both professional and amateur sports. Many athletes believe that they should always start and end any workout.

Before training, it helps to warm up the muscles and ligaments, which is the prevention of occupational sports injuries and perfectly improves performance. It can replace warm-up and stretching if it is not possible to do them before training.

Post-workout massage is the elimination of increased muscle tone, normalization of microcirculation, prevention of soreness and the key to a quick recovery. It is also psychological relaxation and stress relief.

Its duration depends on the sport you are involved in, your professional level, the degree of load and the desired result.

Calf Strain - Sports Massage

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