How to look slimmer without diets and fitness

 If you have a full figure and want to appear more slender

 How to look slimmer.  

 How to look fitter.  To achieve this, you can use a few tricks.

Firstly, you can wear tights, a waistband and a corset, Which visually stretch the figure.

How to look slimmer without losing weight

What clothes should   choose,   if  You want to appear slimmer?

Fat women need to wear clothes with wrinkle-resistant knitwear and with the addition of lycra
Clothing should not be tight.
 Don't wear tank tops Wear short sleeve t-shirts.
 V-shaped neckline is preferred. With a magnificent chest, you can afford a beautiful deep neckline, it will visually lengthen your neck. If such a neckline bothers you, you can wear a turtleneck or sweater, and on top of a vest with a deep V-neck.
It is better to wear threes: jacket + trousers or skirt + jacket or vest. You can afford a bright jacket, and the rest is better than a neutral color.
 Do not tuck blouses and sweaters into trousers and skirts. Such a division of the figure will not play in your favor.
It is better to choose trousers with a slightly low waist. They can be either straight wide (for tall full ones), or tight-fitting from above + a slight flare from the knee (for short girls with plump hips).  Clothing must be loose. Otherwise, all the folds on the body will be visible, and this is unlikely to make a good impression.
A calf-length skirt will visually lengthen your figure. Also suitable are long skirts.
The blouse should not be fastened with all the buttons, the top one can be left unbuttoned.
The sleeve should be taken long, not three quarters.

 What color of clothes should you choose if you want to be slimmer?

How to look slim without exercise.
  White color fills the figure, so it is better to choose beige or ivory. You can wear a white turtleneck or blouse under a vest or jacket. 
It is better to avoid large ornaments on clothes. The diagonal stripe slims the figure.
The pattern is preferably vertical, embossed.

What shoes to wear If you want to  Seem slimmer

 It is better to choose shoes with high and medium heels. This will make you appear taller and leaner. Shoes or sandals of the same color with trousers visually lengthen the legs. Shoes with transverse buckle straps visually shorten the figure, 
so it is better to refuse them.

What jewelry should you choose if you want to look slimmer?

 Jewelry should be chosen to lengthen the silhouette: long beads, chains, hanging bright scarf, which will divert attention from full places to yourself.
Wear thin, flat bangles. So your hands will appear more graceful

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