Makeup step by step or how to apply makeup on the face

How to apply makeup on the face

When it comes to facial makeup, it means working with his skin in order to improve color, even out relief and correct shapes. And in order for facial makeup to become an ornament for you, it must be performed adhering to a number of basic rules.

Makeup rules:

Before you start applying makeup, you should thoroughly rinse the skin with gel with warm water, ridding it of dirt, grease and dust.
Make-up must be done in good lighting
For each composition, use your tool

Makeup sequence

Skin cleansing

Applying makeup base
Alignment of tone, hiding small irregularities and imperfections with concealer or foundation
Emphasizing the outlines of the forehead, cheekbones and chin with a sculptor, blush and powder
Eyebrow drawing
Eye shaping. First of all, shadows are used, after that - eyeliner (in case it is planned to make arrows)
Eyelash work. Apply mascara as needed
Lip work. Circle the contour of the lips, after - apply lipstick or gloss on them

How to properly remove makeup

Makeup removal should begin with cleansing the lips. To do this, applying a small amount of face lotion to a cotton pad, remove the remnants of gloss or lipstick with smooth movements from the corners of the lips to the center.

After you have finished with the lips, you can proceed to the make-up removal of the eyes. The most versatile makeup remover in this case is lotion. It is better to take a two-phase lotion, since two-phase make-up removers are the most effective in removing eye makeup.

Place a cotton pad moistened with lotion on the eyelids and wait 1-2 minutes to dissolve difficult textures. Movements when removing makeup should be smooth, you can not stretch the delicate skin around the eyes. Eyelashes must be cleaned in the direction from the base to the tips.
Face make-up removal is a process that requires an individual approach. Therefore, first of all, you should find and choose the tool that is right for you. It can be lotion, foam, liquid soap or make-up remover milk.

If we talk about the most universal way to cleanse the face, then it looks like this:
First, makeup is washed off with gel or foam.
After - the face is rinsed with warm water and wiped with a towel with soft wetting movements.
Next, the skin is cleansed with micellar water or wiped with tonic.