How to practice meditation and mindfulness

How to practice mindfulness What do we do during the day?   We watch TV shows We play online games or browse your phone We remember the past  We dream about the future That is, we all live in an illusory world. This means that we live unconsciously.   How to practice mindfulness in modern times Pay attention to the following: What you eat. Feel the taste of food or drinks, enjoy the food. Pay attention to what you see (shape, color, texture). What smells surround you. Enjoy scents. Enjoy the sounds that surround you.  Don't think about the future and don't remember the past. Live here and now Meditate 10-15 minutes a day How to practice meditation  It is not necessary to sit in the lotus position. Sit at your convenience. Turn on video meditation. Focus on your body. Meditative music and image on the screen will help you distract from thoughts.  Alternately switch your attention. Your body - Screen image. 10-15 minutes is enough. If the meditation music is long,  Leave it as ba

Fashion trends autumn winter 2023-2024

Fashion trends autumn winter 2023-2024

Trend materials autumn winter 2023-2024

 In the autumn-winter 2023-2024 season, practical fabrics have become relevant, in clothes from which it is comfortable and convenient. In cold, damp weather, you want to wear something soft and warm. Will be popular: warm knit; fur; jersey; leather; jeans. These clothes are comfortable to wear every day.
Tweed skirts and dresses are at the peak of popularity. Models are very relevant for the office or a walk. Large knitting is in trend, so knitted sweaters, sweaters and cardigans will probably always be in wardrobes. Warm knitwear is very popular this season. Skirts, business suits or sweaters are indispensable clothes in winter.
If we consider fur, then it is an addition to jackets, bombers or down jackets, an accessory to bags or shoes. Fur is natural, but artificial is not inferior in fashion. Synthetic clothing is also present this season. Lightweight, non-wrinkling things are practical.

Trendy suits autumn winter

 Where in the cold without a suit? That's right, nowhere! It really is an irreplaceable piece of clothing. The suit can be worn together or separately, while combining the bottom of the suit with different tops or vice versa. The costume can be either a skirt version or a trouser version.
Designers in fashion collections presented jackets with huge false shoulders. In the autumn-winter 2023-2024 season, suit trousers in fashion will be wide, loose-fitting, and the skirt will focus on the waist with a knee-length.

Fashion trends autumn winter - leather jackets

 Designers have not lost sight of classic leather for several seasons in a row. At the peak of their popularity now are fitted short jackets and leather jackets. Skin can be soft or rough, the choice is yours. Black remains in trend, but leather jackets and other color shades appear.

 The main feature of the fall winter 2023 2024 fashion trends is the dullness of the model. Khaki will be very popular, but blue, burgundy and brown jackets will not leave store shelves. The classic leather jacket is diluted with different decor: from rivets to embroidery, fur trim or golden snake. Such jackets of various textures and colors have long won the boundless love of the fair sex. This is true, because such models are comfortable, warm, but also very fashionable and stylish.

 Fashion trends autumn winter - skirts

Considering the skirts of this season, you can not pass by the skirts: with a high waist; pleated skirts; maxi skirts; midi or mini length. Fabric, style as well as color can be varied. In the autumn-winter season, skirts with hair will be fashionable, as well as plaid skirts. These skirts are strict, but feminine. Women with short stature should give preference to skirts with a thin stripe, because visually it lengthens the legs. Skirts are chic combined with blouses, thin sweaters or turtlenecks. If we consider fashionable colors, then these are: mustard; brick; wine.

Fashion trends autumn winter - quilted jackets

Quilted jackets cannot be out of date if autumn is in the yard. One of the most popular models is the jacket, the length of which covers the top of the thigh. The color of these jackets is very diverse: from traditional shades to khaki; bright models; ethnic style. At the peak of popularity now is white. This season, designers paid homage to femininity and elegance.

Fashion trends autumn winter - boots

Neat boots came into fashion, eclipsing coarse ankle boots. With them entered on a level: spangles; lacing; perforations on shoes. Each girl will choose her ideal shoes, whether it be a high thick heel or a thin stiletto heel, a platform or bright shoes with low speed. Do not forget that winter shoes should be of high quality and stable, because winter is ice and snow, and you need to be careful on the road.

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