Rules for creating bright makeup

 How To Apply Makeup For Beginners Step By Step

First of all, decide on an accent. Do you have plump lips? Long live bright lipstick. Expressive eyes? It’s a sin not to emphasize them with trendy shadows.
Then everything is simple!
Be careful with cream. The effect of "plaster" usually appears when the foundation is used for other purposes and is applied too thickly. A concealer will help to hide skin imperfections and bruises under the eyes, and a foundation is needed to even out the tone.

Non-touring instead of contouring. What is the difference? In short: in the depth of contrasts. Non-touring involves very soft and natural transitions, correctly illuminated by a highlighter.
Natural eyebrows. 

Try not to paint over the eyebrows completely, but draw individual hairs. Feathered lines will look more natural than clear lines, especially on the lower contours of the eyebrows. If you draw them with a solid line, the look will seem heavy, and the eyebrows will be artificial.
Quality, not quantity. 

Do not confuse bright make-up and make-up: thickly blushed cheeks or a face glossy from a highlighter can become your main beauty failure! By the way, makeup often turns out to be excessive if it was done in low light, so hang a mirror closer to the window. Girls' best friends are not diamonds, but natural sunlight and high-quality cosmetics!

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