How to choose cosmetic products

 Basic principles for choosing cosmetics

Beautiful bright makeup begins with good cosmetics. How to choose it?

Primer. Be sure to take into account the needs of the skin: oily - matting, dry - moisturizing, etc.
Tone cream. When choosing a foundation, keep seasonality in mind: in winter - dense textures with protective components in the composition, and in summer - lighter formulas with SPF.
Concealer. A common mistake is to choose a too light concealer that will stand out on the skin. Believe me, this will not help you hide the signs of fatigue, but, on the contrary, will give your face a sickly pale look.
Powder. If in doubt about the shade, take a transparent transparent one. Minerals and plant extracts in the composition - plus a hundred to the usefulness!
Mascara. If you have blonde hair, try brown mascara instead of black and… stop! We are talking about bright makeup, why not choose blue or green?
Shadows. Palettes are love forever. In them, the shades are already selected taking into account compatibility, so you just have to enjoy the process!
Lipstick or gloss. Choose formulas with SPF and moisturizing ingredients (now they are even in matte lipstick).
Liner. This is perhaps the only tool that should be persistent in any makeup. It is most convenient to use a liquid version with an applicator in the form of a thin brush or marker.
Eyebrow products: mascara (or tint gel), shadows, pencil. Each of these beauty assistants has its own role: mascara - to comb and fix the hairs, as well as slightly toned them; shadows - to fill the “body” of the eyebrow, a pencil - to draw hairs with separate strokes where they are especially lacking.

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