How to find your style

 How to change your style. Practical advice

find your style in clothes

 How to change hair style

To change your hair style, use a special application

Hair changer app

Hair Color Studio, 
Woman Hairstyles 2018 (Android),
Hair Color, Hair Style Salon&Color Changer (Apple)

How to find your style in clothes

In order to choose a style in clothes, use the online service Pinterest And a list of online stores
 But don't rush to buy anything. Save anything you like to your Pinterest board first. 
Group clothes by color, style.
 Make multiple pinterest boards. Clothes for every day, festive clothes, as well as clothes for sports and leisure. 
Go to your Pinterest board Several times a week adding a few pins each time.
The same should be done with accessories And shoes.
In a month or two you will have an accurate idea of ​​what style suits you And what is missing in your personal wardrobe.
Only after that you can go to online or offline stores and buy the missing items of clothing, shoes and accessories

How to look elegance always A sign of elegance