How to practice meditation and mindfulness

How to practice mindfulness What do we do during the day?   We watch TV shows We play online games or browse your phone We remember the past  We dream about the future That is, we all live in an illusory world. This means that we live unconsciously.   How to practice mindfulness in modern times Pay attention to the following: What you eat. Feel the taste of food or drinks, enjoy the food. Pay attention to what you see (shape, color, texture). What smells surround you. Enjoy scents. Enjoy the sounds that surround you.  Don't think about the future and don't remember the past. Live here and now Meditate 10-15 minutes a day How to practice meditation  It is not necessary to sit in the lotus position. Sit at your convenience. Turn on video meditation. Focus on your body. Meditative music and image on the screen will help you distract from thoughts.  Alternately switch your attention. Your body - Screen image. 10-15 minutes is enough. If the meditation music is long,  Leave it as ba

Meditation music. Music for stress relief.Piano meditation music.Beautif

How meditation can change your life

 Why practice meditation?

Our life is a set of habits.Unfortunately, meditation cannot change all of our bad habits. But some of them you can get rid of after a while After starting meditation.
How to change your habits we'll talk later. Why then meditate? 
What gives meditation to an ordinary person?
  • emotional recovery,
  • stress reduction,
  • sleep improvement,
  • emotional recovery,
  • raising awareness,
  • The growth of mindfulness
  • Prevention of brain aging
  • Pain control.


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