How to practice meditation and mindfulness

How to practice mindfulness What do we do during the day?   We watch TV shows We play online games or browse your phone We remember the past  We dream about the future That is, we all live in an illusory world. This means that we live unconsciously.   How to practice mindfulness in modern times Pay attention to the following: What you eat. Feel the taste of food or drinks, enjoy the food. Pay attention to what you see (shape, color, texture). What smells surround you. Enjoy scents. Enjoy the sounds that surround you.  Don't think about the future and don't remember the past. Live here and now Meditate 10-15 minutes a day How to practice meditation  It is not necessary to sit in the lotus position. Sit at your convenience. Turn on video meditation. Focus on your body. Meditative music and image on the screen will help you distract from thoughts.  Alternately switch your attention. Your body - Screen image. 10-15 minutes is enough. If the meditation music is long,  Leave it as ba

Fashion clothes in 2023


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 Fashion styles in clothing in 2023

lifestyle can be defined as the way of life of a woman or a man. 

In today's world, there are many ways to express styles. 
Thanks to style, each person can express their individuality.

1. The classic style is relevant in any period of time and is suitable for all age categories. 
He tends to emphasize elegance and restraint, a sense of proportion is assumed in everything.

2. Casual style (sloppy, frivolous), but this does not mean that you need to look untidy. This is a fashion that dictates its own rules of individuality. The basic principle is elegant casualness, that is, what would be suitable for a walking look. Each person is individual, everyone has their own way of life, therefore, casual style clothes are created not from the requirements of fashion, but from their own desires and preferences.

3.Vintage - means sophistication and refinement, and comes from the art of winemaking, because it is the wine of many years of aging that has these qualities and the older it is, the better. So it is with clothes. To vintage fashion designers include the one that was created before the 60s of the last century. Such objects should be original objects of art and express the fashion trends of their time. Vintage things are those that have left our lives, but remain in our memory so 
that at one fine moment they can come out and amaze everyone with their beauty and originality.

One of the features of modern fashion is its variety of styles and types.
In the modern world, considerable attention is paid not only to the external appearance of a person,
 but also to the inner world. What is important now is the erudition and versatility of the individual, everyone should be engaged in self-development, self-education. 
Nowadays, it is fashionable to be not only stylishly dressed, but also smart, to have your own point of view and the ability to defend it.

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Mallet dresses look very elegant. They entered modern fashion three years ago and still do not leave the catwalks. The style of this dress suggests a different length of the front and back of it. Due to this cut, it suits almost all girls, as it visually lengthens the figure. In addition, such an outfit looks romantic and feminine.  Casual dresses spring-summer 2023-2024 

50s 60s Retro Vintage Office Dress Wear Women 3/4 Sleeve Sheath.
Casual Dresses.
 Summer Dress 
Women Spaghetti Strap Mini A-Line 
Sleeveless Streetwear Beach Loose 
Vest ClothingCasual.
 Short dresses for slim women


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